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Move-in Ready. A turn-key living solution.

We’ve taken the stress and cost out of moving by completely outfitting your home before you even walk in the door. Our team of interior specialists consider every detail and luxury as they craft the special place you’ll call home.

Everything has its place at ‘A‘ali‘i. That’s why we designed every home to help organize the abundance of life. Ample storage, streamlined to disappear, helps keep your space open and gracious – with anything you might need in easy reach.

What are the details that make a home feel truly inviting?

Lauren Rottet Your eye takes in a room in one broad sweep. So you want the furniture  the bed in particular  to be as comfortable visually as it is in reality. That means considering every detail, right down to the fabric wrapping the end of the bed frame. It makes you feel more settled when every element is as inviting to the eye as it is to the touch.

How would you describe luxury in the context of modern living?

LR Luxury used to be very predictable. Today, it’s defined by elegant moments. Beautifully composed environments where every element has been thought through. It should have an enlightening effect. Something that lifts and educates the person in the space. Something that you want to show your friends. A surprise… a fun unpredictability. And, of course, being able to host or entertain someone easily. There’s a real luxury to that.

How is your design for ‘A‘ali‘i drawing from the work you’re doing for world-class hotels?

LR The great thing about working with hotels is that you get a lot of customer feedback. It helps you tweak the spaces to make them feel instantly comfortable from the moment you step in the door. Whether it’s a large mirror set across from a window that visually opens up the space, the angling of an armchair that encourages you to sit, or just creating a welcoming space to have breakfast in the morning  these are the design cues that make people feel at ease, like they can settle in.

What are some of the choices at ‘A‘ali‘i that feel like signature Rottet moments?

LR We’re very involved in the entryways and landscaping. When the car drives up, what does that first glimpse feel like? It’s about orchestrating where your eye goes, like you would a musical score. The way it moves from a quiet moment, then lifts, then quiets again. We also put a lot of thought into the corridors, which are too often overlooked. The corridor is your path to your front door. It’s your front lawn. That should be an inspiring and comforting experience to come home to.

What does smarter living look like to you?

LR I think people today are more conscious than ever about how they live. How not to be wasteful, embracing sustainability, investing in quality… We look at the design of every object, and we want to see that it has a purpose, a reason for being. We’ve been thoughtful about every piece that’s been incorporated into the home, how it fits your needs. It’s about appreciating all the little things that empower a sustainable life.