Reserved Housing Documents

1. Developer's Public Report Effective 2017.08.17

1a. Amendment 1_DPR Effective 2017.11.13

2. Dec of Condo Prop Regime Recorded 2017.08.04

2a. 1st Amendment to Dec of CPR 2017.10.25

2b. 2nd Amendment to Dec of CPR Doc A-68230820_871929

3. Bylaws of Association 2017.08.04

4. Condominium Map 2017.06.14

5. House Rules

6. Purchase Agreement (Reserved Housing)

7. Addendum To Purchase Agreement (no parking stall)

8. Specimen Unit Deed - Reserved Housing Units

9. Unilateral Dec of Restr Cov for Unit Desig as Reserved Housing Units

10. Escrow Agreement Effective 2017.06.14

11. Community Covenant for Ward Village

12. Receipt for DPR and Amendment 1 to DPR and NRC_834304

13. Receipt for Additional Docs - Reserved Housing Unit - 2nd Amendment

14. Agree to Receive Proj Docs by Electronic Method

15. Limited Power of Attorney