Tips for Apartment Pets

A 2014 survey by found that 70% of apartment renters owned pets. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to locals, who love their four-legged friends. But the same study showed that two-thirds of pet-owners found difficulty finding apartments that even allowed pets.

Luckily, the ‘A‘ali‘i condo is a building that welcomes furry friends in a Ward Village neighborhood that isn’t only pedestrian-friendly, but pet-friendly as well. It’s all part of a trend in condo construction that caters to what buyers really want: pro-pet spaces, policies, and amenities. But apartment living with a dog or cat isn’t without its challenges – especially, if you’re trying to maximize your space. 

So here are eight tips that will help you and your furry companion get the most out of apartment living:

1.    Routine, routine, routine

For pooches, setting a daily routine is key. If you can set a clock to when you’ll feed and walk your dog, it will set expectations and create comfort, no matter how big or small your apartment is.

2.    Shorten your leash inside, lengthen it outside

Be considerate of your neighbors by shortening your leash in the narrow hallways, elevators and lobby. When they get outside, feel free to loosen things up.

3.    Get some exercise

If your dog is cooped up in the house all day, he’s going to need to release some energy. So, take your dog out for daily exercise – the walk will be good for your health as well. And ask around your building for a trustworthy dog walker as a back-up.

4.    Find a buddy

When you get to the park, reach out and meet some of your fellow dog owners. Your dog will make a new friend, and who knows, maybe you will too.

5.    Give cats a kitty condo

For cats, buy one of those multi-level cat towers/scratching posts. This gives them a compact, vertical space to explore and call their own.

6.    Keep them clean

Groom your dogs, brush your cats, and keep up with those flea treatments to keep your space clean.

7.    Keep the noise down

While your dog or cat’s temperament can’t be changed, training them to keep quiet will keep things harmonious with your next-door neighbors. The Humane Society features “Six Ways to Control your Dog’s Barking” on their website.

8.    Find the perfect home

Be sure to read all condo policies to make sure it’s a place that’s right for you and your pet. And visit new buildings like ‘A‘ali‘i, which feature pet-friendly amenities, like its ground-floor dog walk area. After all, the perfect home for you should also be the perfect home for your pets.

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