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The ‘A‘ali‘i Lifestyle is Life Elevated

Level 8 Pool Deck

Two spectacular spaces for awakening your spirit or celebrating a day well spent. The ‘A‘ali‘i Pool Deck, featuring barbecue grills, private lounges and multiple recreation areas. Lanai 42 Sky Deck, a rooftop sanctuary 400 feet above the sea. Clearly, this is as much about life as it is about style.

The 8th Floor Amenity Deck at 'A'ali'i' The 8th Floor Amenity Deck at 'A'ali'i'
  1. Great Lawn
  2. Outdoor Seating Area
  3. Private Pavilions
  4. Children’s Play Area
  5. Children’s Pool
  6. Pool
  7. Spa
  8. Private Cabanas
  9. Private BBQ Areas
  10. Grill-and-Go BBQ Stations
  11. Indoor-Outdoor Private Lounge
  12. Men’s & Women’s Restrooms

Beautifully curated, the amenities at ‘A‘ali‘i are designed to be an extension of your home.

Indoor-Outdoor Private Lounges at 'A'ali'i
Level 8 Indoor/Outdoor Private Lounges

Unique private indoor/outdoor lounges for your enjoyment and well-being.

Private event room with outdoor space
Level 8 Indoor/Outdoor Private Lounges

A pool and spa, cabanas and lounges, a children’s play area and more. World-class amenities make your own home feel like the greatest getaway.

Children's Splash Area on the Amenity Deck
Level 8 Pool Deck
The Sky Deck at Lānai 42
Sunset from The Sky Deck at Lānai 42


The heartbeat of ‘A‘ali‘i, Lānai 42 is a remarkable rooftop oasis that caters to each chapter of your day. Perched 400 feet above the sea, the penthouse-level amenity deck provides one-of-a-kind leisure and fitness from sunrise to sunset, all with an epic ocean view.

Imagine Living at ‘A‘ali‘i

Wake to the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. Head to the fitness center for a workout. Discover the neighborhood on your walk to work. Return home to familiar faces at the front desk. Make your way up to the rooftop to soak in a breathtaking South Shore sunset. It's just another day at ‘A‘ali‘i.

Aalii Entry Lobby
Entry Lobby