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Thoughtful Detail & Design

Residence 2B-E Living Area

Year-round blue skies, majestic mountains, the sparkling Pacific Ocean. The exceptional beauty of Hawai‘i can be seen and felt throughout your entire home. This is paradise.


  • Private lānai for every tower home
  • Wall-to-wall carpet in bedrooms




  • Bosch suite of kitchen appliances
  • Custom panel finish refrigerator and dishwasher
  • Full-height kitchen cabinets
  • Natural stone countertop and full-height backsplash




  • European porcelain tile
  • Natural stone countertop and backsplash
  • Kohler bathtub
  • Kohler and Hansgrohe bathroom fixtures


Applicable to Market Residences  

Young woman preparing food in her 'A'ali'i condo's kitchen

Every aspect of ‘A‘ali‘i is designed for effortless living. Every detail has been considered. Every item has its purpose. Everything you need to live better.

Details of an 'A'ali'i kitchen

Beauty in Simplicity

Fresh, vibrant, invigorating. Well-curated homes capture the essence of the islands.

Woman in her 'A'a'li'i condo's kitchen
Residence 1B-E Kitchen

It’s All In The Details

Residences are at once captivating and comfortable. Custom high-end elements prove, in fact, quality outweighs quantity.

Bosch appliances in all 'A'ali'i kitchens

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